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"Actually, natural resources do not exist at all. All resources are manmade. Something is not a resource until it can accomplish a human purpose. Before Benjamin Silliman, Jr., a Yale University chemist, discovered in 1855 that kerosene (a better illuminant than whale oil) could be distilled from crude oil, oil was not a resource. It was black gunk that ruined farmland and had to be removed at great expense. Silliman turned oil into a resource not by changing its chemical composition but by making a discovery. Nature does not provide resources, only materials. A resource is a material that has been stamped with a human purpose."
-Sheldon Richman, Congressional Testimony, 1995

1. Justin Goerke
(Nuclear Power)
2. Stuart Taylor (Fossil Fuels)
3. Stephen Kingwell (Endangered Species)
4. Michael Evans (Resource Management)

We are all students of Aquinas College .....

Below are links to information, on four key areas of Resource Depletion
Nuclear Energy

Fossil Fuels / Energy Crisis

Endangered Species

Resource Management

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